On Done

When we were, where we were, who we were

Watch this space for a mesmerising development of a list of dates and places.

May help hares to avoid laying two hashes at Shilley Pool in January, and help hashers to remember where we were two weeks ago. Tricky for an increasing number of increasingly elderly hashers.

Now into the fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth year of this project. I can’t wait. Can you let me know please if you never read this list?

Assiduous readers of this list will note the highly important and, indeed, ground breaking addition of the hash number to this list,   starting with 1,715 on 24th Aug 2020. Most appropriately, on the 1st Aug 1715 the Riot Act came into force. Hashers take care.

With hash numbering starting at 1,715 anybody with the interest to do so, and a smattering of elementary arithmetic, will be able to fathom the hash number of any preceding hash. Something for the dark evenings perhaps.

27th May 2024, Eggesford Forest, Stinking Bishop, The Ship, #1,920
24th – 26th May 2024,  Hash camp Berry Barton, #1,917, #1,918, #1,919
20th May 2024, #1,916
13th May 2024, #1,915
6th May 2024, Dawlish Warren, Dogger, Mount Prospect Inn, #1,914
29th Apr 2024, Kings Arms, South Zeal, Tinsel, #1,913
22nd Apr 2024, Chagford Swimming Pool, Ring O Bells, TYB, #1,912
15th Apr 2024, Hill Farm, Elvis, Red Deer, #1,911
8th Apr 2024, Shilley Pool car park, Zorro, Kings Arms, Sth Zeal, #1,910
1st Apr 2024, Belstone Common, Wrong Trousers & helpers, Picnic, #1,909
25th Mar 2024, Bradley Farm, Bogrot & Polo, The Red Deer, #1,908
18th Mar 2024,  Yeoford Village Hall, Woody, The Ship, #1,907
11th Mar 2024, Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,907
4th Mar 2024, Finch Foundry, Tinsel, Devonshire Inn,  Sticklepath, #1,906
26th Feb 2024, Sandford Parish Hall, Elvis, The Ship, #1,905
19th Feb 2024, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & Tweedle, The Ship, #1,904
12th Feb 2024, Southcott XC, Winkleigh, DVK, The Railway, #1,903
5th Feb 2024, Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,902
29th Jan 2024, Clifford Bridge, More Frequently, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,901
22nd Jan 2024, Heywood Wood, Fall-in, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, #1,900
15th Jan 2024, Haldon Belvedere, Crooklock, Royal Oak, Okehampton St , #1,899
8th Jan 2024, Sandford Village Hall, Amaized, The Lamb, #1,898
1st Jan 2024, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubi & Tweedle, The Ship,  #1,897

26th Dec 2023, Fingle Bridge, Capt Haddock, #1,896
18th Dec 2023, Lower Ingleigh Farm, Nr Winkleigh, Kings Arms, DVK, #1,895
11th Dec 2023, Cross Barton Farm, The Red Deer, Polo & Bogrot, #1,894
4th Dec 2023, Eggesford Forest, The Ship, Stinking Bishop, #1,893
27th Nov 2023, Obelisk, Mamhead, Seven Stars, Woody, #1,892
20th Nov 2023, Steps Bridge, Royal Oak, Tinsel, #1,891
13th Nov 2023, Swannaton Farm, The Ship, Nippy, #1,890
6th Nov 2023, Skaigh Woods, Kings Arms, South Zeal, Dents, #1,889
30th  Oct 2023, Dowrich, The Lamb, Zombie, #1,888
23rd  Oct 2023, Abbeyford Woods, The Railway, KitKat & Nutmeg, #1,887
16th  Oct 2023, Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,886
9th  Oct 2023, Heywood Wood, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, DVK, #1,885
2nd Oct 2023, Stockleigh Pomeroy Church, Thorverton Arms, Tinsel, #1,884
25th Sep 2023, Shobrooke Park, ?, Tinsel, #1,883
18th Sep 2023, Stoke Woods, Stoke Canon Inn, Crooklock, #1,882
11th Sep 2023, Chagford CP, ?, TYB & Roxanne, #1,881
4th Sep 2023, Crediton Park & Ride, Three Little Pigs, Amaized, #1,880
1st to 3rd Sep 2023, Hartland Hash Camp, Dogger, Nippy & Swinger, Fall-in, #1,877, #1,878, #1,879
28th  Aug 2023, Belstone Common, The Tors, Fall-in, #1,876
21st  Aug 2023, Shilley Pool, Tor Rivers Inn, Dents, #1,875
14th  Aug 2023, Hill Farm, The Ship, Elvis, #1,874
7th  Aug 2023, Belstone Common, ?, Uproot, #1,873
31st   Jul 2023, Raddon Hill, ?, Tinsel, #1,872
24th  Jul 2023, Kennerleigh Woods, The Ship, Scoubidoo & TweedleDee, #1,871
17th  Jul 2023, Finch Foundry, Tor Rivers Inn, Nagem, #1,870
10th  Jul 2023, Postbridge, East Dart Hote, Woody, #1,869
3rd Jul 2023, Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,868
26th Jun 2023, Ashclyst Woods, Stoke Canon Inn, OBJ, #1,867
19th Jun 2023, Greene Combe, ?, More Frequently, #1,866
12th Jun 2023, ?, ?, ?, #1,865
5th Jun 2023, Killerton, ?, Crooklock, #1,864
29th  May 2023, Crediton, ?, Stig & Hen Harrier, #1,863
22nd  May 2023, Hatherleigh Monument, ?, DVK, #1,862
15th  May 2023, Spreyton Village, Tom Cobley, Capt Haddock, #1,861
12th to 14th May, Burrowhayes Farm Hash Camp, ?, ?, ?, #1,858, #1,859, #1,860
8th May 2023, Shobrooke, Tinsel’s den, Tinsel, #1,857
1st May 2023, Newton Woods, Three Little Pigs, Amaized, #1,856
24th Apr 2023, Mincinglake Valley Park, ?, Fall-in, #1,855
17th Apr 2023, Winkleigh Woods, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, DVK, #1,854
10th Apr 2023, Black Hut, Fernworthy, ?, Dents, #1,853
3rd Apr 2023, Kennerleigh Woods, ?, Scoubidoo & TweedleDee, #1,852
27th Mar 2023, Waei Inn, Muskipper, #1,851
20th Mar 2023, Steps Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Zombie & Tinsel, #1,850
13th Mar 2023, Nymphayes Farm, Down St Mary, London Inn, Bogrot & Polo, #1,849
6th Mar 2023 #1,848
27th Feb 2023, #1,847
20th Feb 2023, Hampsons Farm, Bow, Tom Cobley, Babelfish, #1,846
13th Feb 2023, Clifford Bridge, Woody, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,845
6th Feb 2023, Community Centre, Winkleigh, Fallin, Kings Arms, #1,844
30th Jan 2023, Mamhead, Elvis, Seven Stars, #1,843
23 Jan 2023,  Flashdown Plantation, Capt Haddock, Waie Inn, #1,842
16th Jan 2023, Fingle Bridge, More Frequently, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,841
9th Jan 2023, Skaigh Woods, Crooklock, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1,840
2nd Jan 2023, The Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,839
26th Dec 2022, Kennerleigh Woods, Hynams, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee, #1,838
19th Dec 2022, Whitehouse Farm, Winkleigh, Kings Arms, Wrong Trousers,  Bobcat, Kitkat & Bambi, #1,837
12th Dec 2022, Haven Banks, The Malt House, Dogger, #1,836
5th Dec 2022, Ashclyst Forest, Stoke Canon Inn, OBJ, #1,835
28th Nov 2022, Steps Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock #1,834
21st Nov 2022, Huxham Brake, Stoke Canon Inn, Amaized,  #1,833
14th Nov 2022, Langridge Farm, Yeoford, The Ship, Woody, #1,832
7th Nov 2022, Crediton Golf Club, Babelfish, #1,831
31st Oct 2022, Chagford Carpark, The Globe, TYB, #1,830
24th Oct 2022, The Square, Nth Tawton, The Railway, Fall-in , #1,829
17th Oct 2022, Lustleigh Cleave, Post Inn, Tinsel, #1,828
10th Oct 2022, Kennerleigh Woods,  The Ship, Scoubiedoo & Tweedledee, #1,827
3rd Oct 2022, Heywood Wood, Eggesford, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, DVK, #1,828
26th Sep 2022, The Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper, #1,825
19th Sep 2022, Lustleigh, Lustleigh Cleave Inn, Tinsel, #1,824
12th Sep 2022, Eggesford Woods, The Three Little Pigs, Stinking Bishop, #1,823
+3 for Colliford Camp hashes.
5th Sep 2022, Brampford Speke, The Beer Engine, Crooklock, #1,819
29th Aug 2022,
22nd Aug 2022, Fernworthy Black hut, The Post Inn, More Frequently, #1,817
15th Aug 2022, Model Aircraft car park, Woodbury, The Diggers Rest, Gymslip & OBJ, #1,816
8th Aug 2022, Fatherford Viaduct, White Hart, Okehampton, Dents, #1,815
1st Aug 2022, Fingle Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock, #1,814
25th July 2022, Okehampton Camp, Picnic, Woody, #1,813
18th July 2022, Half Moon Inn, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Tinsel, #1,812
11th July 2022, Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper, #1,811
4th July 2022, Meldon Glassworks, Dents, White Hart, Okehampton, #1,810
27th June 2022, Shilley Pool, Zorro, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1809
20th June 2022, Belstone, Stinking Bishop, The Post Inn, #1,808
13th June 2022, Newton St Cyres Village Hall, Amaized, The Beer Engine, #1,807
6th June 2022, Scratchface Lane, Raddon Hill, Bat Woman, The Ship, #1,806
30th May 2022, Stockleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & TweedleDee, Black Dog Inn, #1,805
23rd May 2022, Killerton, Crooklock, Stoke Canon Inn, #1,804
16th May 2022, Kings Arms, South Zeal, DVK, #1,803
9th May 2022, Steps Bridge, Capt Haddock, Kings Arms, Tedburn St Mary, #1,802
6th, 7th & 8th May, Hash Camp, Burrowhays Farm, Porlock, TYB, Woody & Nippy,  #1,799, #1,800, #1,801
2nd May 2022, Ash Bullayne Farm, Zombie, London Inn, #1,798
25th Apr 2022, Uphams car park, Woodbury Common, OBJ & Gymslip, The Diggers Rest, #1,797
18th Apr 2022, Moorgate, Fall In, Taw River Inn, 1,796
11th Apr 2022, Stockleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee, Black Dog Inn, #1,795
4th Apr 2022, Stoke Canon Inn, Amaized, #1,794
28th Mar 2022, Dulings Farm Shop, Babel Fish, The Ship, #1,793
21st Mar 2022, Belstone Waterworks, Superbug, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1,792
14th Mar 2022,  Uton Barton, Bogrot & Polo, 3 Pigs #1,791
7th Mar 2022,  Waei Inn, Mudskipper, #1,790
28th Feb, Finch Foundry, More Frequently, The Post Inn, #1,789
21st Feb 2022, Crediton Town Sq, Batwoman, The Ship, #1,788
14th Feb 2022, Rivermead Car Park, Clifford Bridge, Woody, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,787
7th Feb 2022, Skaigh Woods, Dents, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1,786
31st Jan 2022, Fatherford Viaduct, Elvis, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1,785
24th Jan 2022, Haywoods Farm, Bondleigh, DVK, The Railway, #1,784
17th Jan 2022, Obelish car park Mamhead, Crooklock, New Inn, Alphington, #1,783
10th Jan 2022 Crediton Town Square, Superbug, The Ship, #1,782
3rd Jan 2022 Wonson, TYB & Roxanne, Northmoor Arms, #1,781

Hash number updated to match book
27th Dec 2021, Kennerlegh Woods, Scoubi & TweedleDee, #1,780
20th Dec 2021, Waie Inn, Mudskipper, #1,777
13th Dec 2021, Headless Cross, Nippy, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,776
6th Dec 2021, Sandford Village Hall, Amaized, Three Little Pigs, #1,775
29th Nov 2021, Black Dog, Dogger, #1,774
22nd Nov 2021, Bolts Farm, Coleford, Babel Fish, White Hart, Bow, #1,773
15th Nov 2021, Langridge Farm, Yeoford, Woody, Red Lion,  #1,772
8th Nov 2021, The Barton, Bondleigh, DVK, The Railway,  #1,771
1st Nov 2021, Superbug’s BBQ,  #1,770
25th Oct 2021, Finch Foundry, Woody, Post Inn,  #1,769
18th Oct 2021, Clifford Bridge, More Frequently, Royal Oak, Dunsford,  #1,768
11th Oct 2021, Okehampton Castle, Fall in, White Hart, Okehampton, #1,767
4th Oct 2021, Waie Inn, Mudskipper,  #1,766
27th Sep 2021, Steps Bridge, Capt Haddock, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,765
20th Sep 2021, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee, The Lamb, #1,764
13th Sep 2021, Stoke Woods, Crooklock, Three Little Pigs, #1,763
10th & 11th Sep 2021, Hash Camp, Higher Rew Farm, Dogger & Zorro, #1,761 & #1,762
6th Sep 2021, Black Hut, Fernworthy, Dents, The Globe, Chagford, #1,760
30th Aug 2021, Shilley Pool, DVK, Taw River Inn, #1,759
23rd Aug 2021, Headless Cross, Woody, Royal Oak, Dunsford, #1,758
16th Aug 2021, Newton Woods, Amaized, Three Little Pigs, #1,757
9th Aug 2021, Ash Bullayne Farm, Zombie & Tinsel, The Lamb, #1,756
2nd Aug 2021, Belstone, Capt Haddock, Kings Arms, South Zeal, #1,755
26th July 2021, Kings Arms, South Zeal, Zorro, #1,754
19th July 2021, Tangle Wood, Hill Farm, Ambrosia, The Three Little Pigs, #1,753
16th – 18th July 2021, Hash camp Leeford Farm, North Devon, #1,750, #1,751, #1,752
12th July 2021, Hill Farm, Elvis, The Lamb, #1,749
5th July  2021, Beacon Church car park, Newbuildings, Babel Fish, New Inn, Coleford, #1,748
28th June 2021, Dowrich Farm, Zombie, The Lamb, #1,747
21st June 2021, Finch Foundry, Crooklock, The Post Inn, #1,746
14th June 2021, Winkleigh Primary School, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, Fall in, #1,745
7th June 2021, Sandford Village Hall, Tinsel, The Lamb, #1,744
31st May 2021, Sawmill Car Park above Clifford Bridge, Capt Haddock live, Red Lion, Tedburn St Mary, #1,743
24th May 2021, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & TweedleDee, Black Dog Inn, #1,742
17th May 2021, Swannaton Farm, Nippy, #1,741
10th May 2021, North Hollacombe Farm, Bogrot & Polo #1,740
3rd May 2021, Belstone Water Works, Tickety Boo #1,738
26th Apr
2021, Newton Woods, Amaized #1,738
19th Apr 2021, Steps Bridge, More Frequently #1,737
12th Apr 2021, Woodbury Common – Wheathill Plantation , Gymslip & Woody #1,736
5th Apr 2021, Meldon Glassworks, Superbug #1,735
29th Mar 2021, Obelisk car park Mamhead, Woody, #1,734
Covid 19 third lockdown

4th Jan 2021, Steps Bridge, Capt Haddock, #1,733

28th Dec 2020, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee, #1,732
21st Dec 2020, Stoke Woods, Krooklok, #1,731
14th Dec 2020, Meldon Quarry, Superbug, #1,730
7th Dec 2020, Swannaton Farm, Nippy, #1,729

Covid 19 second lockdown until 2nd Dec

2nd Nov 2020, Hampsons Farm, nr Bow, Babelfish, #1,728
26th Oct 2020, Belstone Common, Uproot, #1,727
19th Oct 2020, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo & TweedleDee, #1,726
12th Oct 2020, Haldon on road to Harcombe, Gymslip & Woody, #1,725

5th Oct 2020, Scorhill near Gidleigh, Elvis, #1,724
28th Sep 2020, Fernworthy Reservoir, Dents & Superbug, #1,723
21st Sep 2020, Steps Bridge, Krooklok, #1,722
14th Sep 2020, Fingle Bridge, Capt Haddock, #1,721
11th-13th Sep 2020, Hashcamp Salcome Regis, Woody, Super Bug, Nippy, # 1,718, 1,719, 1,720
7th Sep 2020, Newton Woods, Amaized, #1,717
31st Aug 2020 Shilly Pool, Zorro, #1,716
24th Aug 1715, Headless Cross, More Frequently, #1,715
17th Aug, Park at top of George Hill, Crediton, Babelfish #1,714
10th Aug, Belstone Water Work, Superbug #1,713
3rd Aug, Saw Mill car park, Wooston Castle, Capt Haddock #1,712
3rd Aug 2020, Saw Mill Car Park nr Wooston Castle, Capt Haddock #1,711
27th Jul 2020, Resurrection Hash, Kennerleigh Woods, Dents, #1,710
Covid 19 ends KH3 hashing for now
16th Mar 2020, Finch Foundry, Taw River Inn, More Frequently
9th Mar 2020,
Scorhill near Gidleigh, Taw River Inn, Elvis
2nd Mar 2020, Collacott Barton Winkleigh, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, DVK
24th Feb 2020, Down St Mary, Waie Inn, Amaized
17th Feb 2020, Kennerleigh Woods, chez Scoubidoo & Tweedledee
10th Feb 2020, Stoke Woods, The Beer Engine, Krooklok
3rd Feb 2020, Fernworthy Reservoir, The Globe, TYB
27th Jan 2020, Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper

20th Jan 2020, Colebrooke Church, New Inn, Coleford, Babelfish
13th Jan 2020, Steps Bridge, The Royal Oak, Capt Haddock
6th Jan 2020, Flashdown Plantation, Eggesford, The Malt Scoop, Lapford, Fall In
30th Dec 2019, The Duck, Yeoford, Woody
23rd Dec 2019, Skaigh Woods, Taw River Inn, Dents
16th Dec 2019, Eastacott Farm, The Three Little Pigs, Bogrot
9th Dec 2019, Beechleigh Ind Est, Winkleigh, The Kings Arms, DVK
2 Dec 2019, The Waie Inn, Zeal Monachoram, Mudskipper
25th Nov 2019, East Huish Farm, Tedburn St Mary, Red Lion, Tedburn, Viz & Shmoo
18th Nov 2019, Ash Bullayne farm, London Inn, Zombie & Dogger
11th Nov 2019, Langridge Farm, Three Little Pigs, Robin Hood & Insane Bolt
4th Nov 2019, Hynams, Sandford, Scubi & TweedleDee
28th Oct 2019, Four Firs, Woodbury Common, Maltsters, Woodbury, Gymslip
21st Oct 2019,  Chagford Pool, The Globe,  Chagford, Ticketyboo & Roxanne
14th Oct 2019,  Swannaton Farm, Sandford, Three Little Pigs, Nippy
7th Oct 2019, Grantland Farm, Poughill, Cruwys Arms,  Batwomen
30th Sep 2019, Hampsons Farm, Bow, White Hart, Bow, Babelfish
23rd Sep 2019, Stoke Woods, The Beer Engine, Krooklock
16th Sep 2019, Fingle Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock
9th Sep 2019, Fatherford Viaduct, Taw River Inn, Krooklock
2nd Sep 2019, Danes Wood, The Lamb, Silverton, Stinking Bishop
26th Aug 2019, Prewley Moor, White Hart, Okehampton, Dents

19th Aug 2019, Shilly Pool, Kings Arms, South Zeal, More Frequently
12th Aug 2019, Sandford Village Hall, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Elvis
5th Aug 2019, Newton Woods, The Beer Engine, Amaized
29th Jul 2019, RowTor Car Park, Sandpits, Okehampton Camp, Taw River Inn, Fallin
22nd Jul 2019, Eggesford Woods, London Inn, Dogger
15th Jul 2019, Cheriton Bishop, Oaklands, Woody

8th Jul 2019, Fernworthy, Forest Hut, The Globe, Captain Haddock
1st Jul 2019, Upton Pyne Village Hall, The Stables, Amaized

24th Jun 2019, Mamhead Obelisk, Seven Stars, Kennford, Zorro
17th Jun 2019, Birthday hash, Crediton, Superbug’s,  Superbug
10th Jun 2019, Fingle bridge, Post inn , Whiddon Down, Tinsel
3rd Jun, 2019, Hatherleigh Monument, The Railway Inn, DVK
27th May 2019, Finch Foundry, Kings Arms, South Zeal, Uproot
20th May 2019, Haldon Belvedere, Seven Stars Kennford, Woody

13th May 2019, Chagford, The Globe, Ticketyboo
6th May 2019, layby below Ramsley copper mine South Zeal, Tom Cobley, Krooklock
29th Apr 2019, Abbeyford Woods, Okehampton , The Railway Inn, DVK
22nd Apr 2019, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog, Scubidou & Tweedle Dee
15th Apr 2019, Court Barton Farm , Venny Tedburn, Three Little Pigs, Bogrot & Polo
8th Apr 2019, Headless Cross, Mardon Down, More Frequently
1st Apr 2019, Woosten Castle, Clifford Bridge, The Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock
25th Mar 2019, Killerton estate, Lamb Inn, Silverton, Stinking Bishop
18th Mar 2019, Red Lion Shobrooke, ditto, Dogger
11th Mar 2019, Belstone Waterworks, Taw River Inn, Superbug
4th Mar 2019, Ashclyst Forest, New Inn, Broadclyst, Gymslip & OBJ
25th Feb 2019, Sandford village hall, Red Lion Shobrooke,  Babelfish
18th Feb 2019, Colebrook church, Three Little Pigs, Woody
11th Feb 2019, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog Inn, Scoubidoo
4th Feb 2019, Fingle Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock
28th Jan 2019, Newton St Cyres Village Hall CP, The Beer Engine, Amaized
21st Jan 2019, Chagford car park, The Globe, TYB
14th Jan 2019, Heywoods Farm EX20 2AQ, The Railway Inn, DVK
7th Jan  2019, Meldon Quarry carpark, The White Hart, Okehampton, Superbug

31st Dec 2018, Babelfish’s house, Buller Road, Crediton, Babelfish
24th Dec 2018, Steps Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Captain Haddock
17th Dec 2018, The Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper

10th Dec 2018, Skaigh Wood, Taw River Inn, More Frequently
3rd Dec 2018, Stoke Woods, Beer Engine, Krooklock
26th Nov 2018, Sandford Village Hall, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Elvis
19th Nov 2018, Guscotts farm, Ex17 5DF, Three Little Pigs, Babelfish
12th Nov 2018, Chubb House Water, Winkleigh, The Kings Arms, Winkleigh, Wrong Trousers,
5th Nov 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Chez Scoubi & Tweedledee, Superbug,
29th Oct 2018, Woodbury Common, The Maltsters Arms, OBJ & Gymslip,
22nd Oct 2018, Heywood Wood, Eggesford, Kings Arms, Winkleigh, DVK
15th Oct 2018, Swannaton Farm,  Three Little Pigs, Nippy,
8th Oct 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog, Scoubidoo, 

1st Oct 2018, Waie Inn,  Mudskipper,
24th Sep 2018, Chez Tinsel, 1 Blackmoor Cottages, Shobrooke,
17th Sep 2018, Langridge Farm,Three Little Pigs, Woody
10th Sep 2018,Taw River Inn, Tor River Inn, Dents,
3rd Sep 2018, Hill Farm, East Village, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Elvis
27th Aug 2018, Shilley pool, Kings Arms, South Zeal, TYB & Roxanne
20th Aug 2018, Brampford Speke, The Beer Engine, Krooklock
13th Aug 2018, Newton Woods, Beer Engine,  Amaized
6th Aug 2018, Belstone Waterworks, Taw River Inn, Uproot
30th July 2018, Fernworthy Reservoir, The Globe, Chagford, Capt Haddock
23rd July 2018, Clotworthy Farm, Nymet Rowland, Malt Scoop, Superbug
16th July 2018, Woody’s Yeoford, Woody
9th July 2018, Upton Pyne church, Beer Engine, Tinsel
2nd July 2018, Scoubidoo’s other woods above Ashridge farm, Tinsel Hall, Shobrooke, Scoubidoo
25th June 2018, Headless cross, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Nippy
18th June 2018, Eggesford Forrest, London Inn, Morchard Bishop, Dogger
11th June 2018, Chagford, The Globe, Chagford, Roxanne and TYB
4th June 2018 ,Steps bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock
28th May 2018, Prowley Moor, White Hart Okehampton, Dents
21st May 2018, The Green Belstone, Tor River Inn, Kroocklock
14th May 2018, Southcott XC, Winkleigh, DVK
7th May 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee
30th April 2018, Four Firs Car park, Woodbury Common, Malsters Arms, Woodbury, Gymslip & OBJ
23rd April 2018, Stoke Woods, The Stables, Woody
16th April 2018, Newton Woods, Beer Engine, Amaized
9th Apr 2018, Castle Drogo , Drewe Arms, Drewsteington, More Frequently
2nd Apr 2018, Glassworks car park, Meldon, White Hart, Okehampton, Dents
26th Mar 2018, Langridge Farm, Yeoford, Red Lion, Tedburn St Mary, Woody
19th Mar 2018, Three Pigs, Babelfish.
12th Mar 2018, Cadbury Cross (Shortlands Farm), Pimp & Dogger, Ring O Bells
5th March 2018, Park Farm, Winkleigh, DVK, Waie Inn

26th Feb 2018, Crediton Golf Club, Babelfish, Crediton golf club
19th Feb 2018, Haldon Belvedere car park, Elvis, Seven Stars, Kennford
12th Feb 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo, Black Dog
5th Feb 2018, Beechlea, Winkleigh, DVK, Waie Inn
29th January 2018, South Beer Farm Spreyton, Cable Guy, Tom Cobbley
22nd Jan 2018, Shortacombe Farm, Yeoford, Tuppence, ?
15th Jan 2018, Priorton Barton, East village, Tinsel, Ring of Bells, Cheriton Fitzpaine
8th Jan 2018, Bryony Hill Farm, Iddesleigh, DVK, The Duke of York, Winkleigh
1st Jan 2018, St Saviours Way car park, Crediton, Dents, Redvers Buller
26th December 2017, Fingle Bridge, Capt Haddock, Fingle Bridge Inn
18th December 2017, Fingle Woods Saw Mill Car Park, More frequently, Royal Oak, Dunsford
11th December 2017, Crediton Park & Ride,  Stinking Bishop, Three Little Pigs,
4th December 2017, Swannaton Farm, Sandford, Nippy, 3 Little Pigs
27th November 2017, Appledore Farm, Bow, Tuppence, Tom Cobley
20th November 2017, Westacott Farm, DVK, Coldridge, Waie Inn
13th November 2017, Newton Woods, Amaized,The Beer Engine
6th November 2017, London Inn, Morchard Bishop, Uproot
30th Oct 2017, The Highwayman Inn, Sourton, Polo & Bogrot
23rd October 2017, The Warren Car Park, Woodbury, OBJ & Gymslip, Diggers Rest Woodbury Salterton
16th October 2017, American Diner Route 5 (opposite Exeter race course), The Seven Stars, Kennford.
9th October 2017, Ludwell Valley Park, Tally Ho
2nd October 2017, Woolston Castle, Royal Oak, Dunsford

25th September 2017, Fatherford Viaduct, Taw River Inn
18th September 2017, Shilleypool, ?
11th September 2017, Chez Tinsel, Shobrooke
4th September 2017, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog
28th August 2017, Chagford Car Park, The Globe, Chagford
21st August 2017, Chez Babelfish, Searle Street
14th August 2017, Belstone Waterworks, Taw river inn.
7th August 2017, Great Weeke, near Chagford, BBQ at Orchard Cottage, Great Weeke
31st July 2017, Dowrich, Sandford, Red Lion, Shobrooke
24th July 2017, Shilley Pool, Kings Arms, South Zeal

17th July 2017, Cadeleigh, Cadeleigh Arms
10th July 2017, Guscott Farm, Copplestone, Tom Cobley
3rd July 2107, Chamberlains Farm, Brampford Speke, Beer Engine.
26th June 2017, Chagford Swimming Pool, Whiddon Bistro, Chagford
19th June 2017, ‘Rowtor Car Parking Area’, Okehampton Camp, The White Hart, Okehampton
12th June 2017, Haldon Belvedere, New Inn, Alphington
5th June 2017, Belstone, Taw  River  Inn
29th May 2017, Owlsfoot garage, South Zeal, Kings Arms, South Zeal
22nd May 2017, Uphams Plantation car park, Woodbury Common, Diggers Rest
15th May 2017, Hatherleigh monument, The Railway, North Tawton
8th May 2017, Longridge farm, EX17 5HH, The Three Little Pigs
1st May 2017, Skeigh Woods, Belstone, The Tors, Belstone
24th April 2017, Mardon Down, Headless Cross, Red Lion, Tedburn St Mary
17th April 2017, Fernworthy Reservoir, The Globe, Chagford
10th April 2017, QE Lower School, Pasties followed by Made in Dagenham
3rd April 2017, Nymphayes Farm, Down St Mary, The London Inn, Morchard Bishop
27th March 2017, Goose’s Farm, Bridge Reeve, Chumleigh, The Waie Inn
20th March 2017, Drewsteignton, Drewsteignton Arms
13th March, Haywoods Farm, Bondleigh, North Tawton, Railway Inn
6th March, Crediton Golf Club and on-down
27 Feb, Fingle Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford
20 Feb 2017, Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall and on-down
13 Feb 2017, Chagford, The Globe, Chagford
6 Feb 2017, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog Inn
30 Jan 2017, Finch Foundry, Sticklepath, Taw River Inn
23 Jan 2017, Fatherford Viaduct, Okehampton, White Hart(Wetherspoons)
16 Jan 2017, Okehampton Castle Car Park, Fallin & DVK, White Hart  (Wetherspoons)
9 Jan 2017, Waie Inn Car Park, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper, Waie Innst
2 Jan 2017, Lloyds Bank, Crediton, Superbug, General Redvers Buller, Crediton
26 Dec 2016, Steps Bridge, Capt Haddock  live, Royal Oak, Dunsford
19 Dec 2016, Woody’s den Yeoford, Woody
12 Dec 2016, Ashclyst forest, Gymslip & OBJ, New Inn, Broadclyst

5 Dec 2016, 2Km south of Shilley pool carpark, Roxanne, Northmoor Arms, Throwleigh
28 Nov 2016, Stoke Woods, Lights Out, The Stables, Cowley
21 Nov 2016,  Coleridge church, DVK, Waie Inn, Zeal Monachoram
14 Nov 2016, Swannaton Farm, Nippy, The Three Little Pigs
7 Nov 2016, Bolts Farm,  Babelfish, The Cross Copplestone
31 Oct 2016, Sourton, Okehampton, Bogrot & Polo, Highwayman
24 Oct 2016, Langridge, Yeoford, Woody, Red Lion Shobrooke
17 Oct 2016, Fingle Bridge, Uproot, Post Inn, Whiddon Down