About KH3 and hashing

Kirton Hash House harriers runs every Monday at 7.15 throughout the year, and we’ve been doing it since 1988.

As hashes go, we are a kind and gentle lot. We rarely do down-downs and don’t even have a post-hash circle.  We are usually much too keen to get the on-down for a pint and a meal. The worst we do to anyone is award Soft Bertie bertie bassett for some (mostly imagined) misdemeanour on the hash. If you get him, you can get your own back by awarding him to someone else the following week.

Pillock of the Year and Complete Turkey awards are reserved for special occasions.

Sometimes we go camping, if the mismanagement can get it together.

As a bunch we usually look a bit like this…

Christmas group

Occasionally it’s more like this…


But mostly we just go hashing

On the trail

and sometimes the weather and the scenery are really good…

Hash 22-8-16

See the The Future Revealed page for the whereabouts of the next  hash, and come along. You will be welcome.

What’s hashing all about?

‘Hashing’ originated in Malaysia in 1938 when a group of expats decided a run in the rubber plantations would be a good idea before returning to their canteen/bar (the Hash House) for a few beers. From here the idea has spread around the world. Biennial gatherings for an international ‘Interhash’ weekend attract 4 or 5000 hashers from all over the world.

Kirton Hash (KH3) started in 1988, organised by students at QE School, and has run every week since – we celebrated our silver jubilee with a camping weekend on Dartmoor in June 2013.

The Hash is loosely organised with a Grand Master (or mistress) who presides, an On Sec who issues the odd note and maintains a list of contact details, a Hash Cash who gathers 50p per week per adult hasher and pays a 3rd party insurance, a Hare Raiser who organises the Hares to lay trails, a Religious Adviser who ‘sees we do it right’ and will consult with the GM on hash names for newcomers once they have made their mark, and a Webmaster who runs our website ( www.kirtonhash.org ). There are 2 Facebook pages – an ‘open’ page – search on Facebook for ‘Kirton Hash House Harriers’ and a ‘closed group’ – ask the On Sec or Stig (a well known KH3 hasher) for an invite.
Importantly, please note that you hash at your own risk. Our insurance does not cover injury to persons participating in the Hash.

The hash is aimed to be a sociable and non-competitive run of around an hour that gets people of varying abilities back at roughly the same time. Loops, ‘checkbacks’ and ‘backchecks’ are used to help keep the group together.

An important part of the Hash is the On Down at the pub afterwards, for a few beers and perhaps some food. Someone will be asked to write a description of each run to bring the following week – known as the Hash Trash. The On Sec minds ‘the Book’ where venues and attendance are recorded when we get to the pub.

If you are new to hashing or to Kirton Hash, welcome, and enjoy your Hashing.

KH3 hashes start from a different place each week. For venues see the Future Revealed page on this website, or,  if you give your e-mail address to the On Sec she will keep you updated.

The email link on the Contacts page of this website forwards all emails to the webmaster who passes them on.

Hashes for the whole of the South West are at www.swh3.info/

Unless otherwise advised, Kirton Hashes are  7pm for 7.15pm prompt start.

For Hash Trail Markings and other information about laying and running a trail see the Laying a trail page.

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