On Done

The H
istory of Recent Hash Locations

May help hares to avoid laying two hashes at Shilley Pool in January, and help hashers to remember where we were two weeks ago. Tricky for some.

Watch this space to see a fascinating development of a list of dates and places. Also now the Street Map ref. How about that.

10th Sep 2018,Taw River Inn, Tor River Inn, Dents, http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=263545&Y=94566&A=Y&Z=120&ax=263545&ay=94566
3rd Sep 2018, Hill Farm, East Village, Red Lion, Shobrooke, Elvis
27th Aug 2018, Shilley pool, Kings Arms, South Zeal, TYB & Roxanne
20th Aug 2018, Brampford Speke, The Beer Engine, Krooklock
13th Aug 2018, Newton Woods, Beer Engine,  Amaized
6th Aug 2018, Belstone Waterworks, Taw River Inn, Uproot
30th July 2018, Fernworthy Reservoir, The Globe, Chagford, Capt Haddock
23rd July 2018, Clotworthy Farm, Nymet Rowland, Malt Scoop, Superbug
16th July 2018, Woody’s Yeoford, Woody
9th July 2018, Upton Pyne church, Beer Engine, Tinsel
2nd July 2018, Scoubidoo’s other woods above Ashridge farm, Tinsel Hall, Shobrooke, Scoubidoo
25th June 2018, Headless cross, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Nippy
18th June 2018, Eggesford Forrest, London Inn, Morchard Bishop, Dogger
11th June 2018, Chagford, The Globe, Chagford, Roxanne and TYB
4th June 2018 ,Steps bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford, Capt Haddock
28th May 2018, Prowley Moor, White Hart Okehampton, Dents
21st May 2018, The Green Belstone, Tor River Inn, Kroocklock
14th May 2018, Southcott XC, Winkleigh, DVK
7th May 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog, Scoubidoo & Tweedledee
30th April 2018, Four Firs Car park, Woodbury Common, Malsters Arms, Woodbury, Gymslip & OBJ
23rd April 2018, Stoke Woods, The Stables, Woody
16th April 2018, Newton Woods, Beer Engine, Amaized
9th Apr 2018, Castle Drogo , Drewe Arms, Drewsteington, More Frequently
2nd Apr 2018, Glassworks car park, Meldon, White Hart, Okehampton, Dents
26th Mar 2018, Langridge Farm, Yeoford, Red Lion, Tedburn St Mary, Woody
19th Mar 2018, Three Pigs, Babelfish.
12th Mar 2018, Cadbury Cross (Shortlands Farm), Pimp & Dogger, Ring O Bells
5th March 2018, Park Farm, Winkleigh, DVK, Waie Inn

26th Feb 2018, Crediton Golf Club, Babelfish, Crediton golf club
19th Feb 2018, Haldon Belvedere car park, Elvis, Seven Stars, Kennford
12th Feb 2018, Kennerleigh Woods, Scoubidoo, Black Dog
5th Feb 2018, Beechlea, Winkleigh, DVK, Waie Inn
29th January 2018, South Beer Farm Spreyton, Cable Guy, Tom Cobbley
22nd Jan 2018, Shortacombe Farm, Yeoford, Tuppence, ?
15th Jan 2018, Priorton Barton, East village, Tinsel, Ring of Bells, Cheriton Fitzpaine
8th Jan 2018, Bryony Hill Farm, Iddesleigh, DVK, The Duke of York, Winkleigh
1st Jan 2018, St Saviours Way car park, Crediton, Dents, Redvers Buller
26th December 2017, Fingle Bridge, Capt Haddock, Fingle Bridge Inn
18th December 2017, Fingle Woods Saw Mill Car Park, More frequently, Royal Oak, Dunsford
11th December 2017, Crediton Park & Ride,  Stinking Bishop, Three Little Pigs,
4th December 2017, Swannaton Farm, Sandford, Nippy, 3 Little Pigs
27th November 2017, Appledore Farm, Bow, Tuppence, Tom Cobley
20th November 2017, Westacott Farm, DVK, Coldridge, Waie Inn
13th November 2017, Newton Woods, Amaized,The Beer Engine
6th November 2017, London Inn, Morchard Bishop, Uproot
30th Oct 2017, The Highwayman Inn, Sourton, Polo & Bogrot
23rd October 2017, The Warren Car Park, Woodbury, OBJ & Gymslip, Diggers Rest Woodbury Salterton
16th October 2017, American Diner Route 5 (opposite Exeter race course), The Seven Stars, Kennford.
9th October 2017, Ludwell Valley Park, Tally Ho
2nd October 2017, Woolston Castle, Royal Oak, Dunsford

25th September 2017, Fatherford Viaduct, Taw River Inn
18th September 2017, Shilleypool, ?
11th September 2017, Chez Tinsel, Shobrooke
4th September 2017, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog
28th August 2017, Chagford Car Park, The Globe, Chagford
21st August 2017, Chez Babelfish, Searle Street
14th August 2017, Belstone Waterworks, Taw river inn.
7th August 2017, Great Weeke, near Chagford, BBQ at Orchard Cottage, Great Weeke
31st July 2017, Dowrich, Sandford, Red Lion, Shobrooke
24th July 2017, Shilley Pool, Kings Arms, South Zeal

17th July 2017, Cadeleigh, Cadeleigh Arms
10th July 2017, Guscott Farm, Copplestone, Tom Cobley
3rd July 2107, Chamberlains Farm, Brampford Speke, Beer Engine.
26th June 2017, Chagford Swimming Pool, Whiddon Bistro, Chagford
19th June 2017, ‘Rowtor Car Parking Area’, Okehampton Camp, The White Hart, Okehampton
12th June 2017, Haldon Belvedere, New Inn, Alphington
5th June 2017, Belstone, Taw  River  Inn
29th May 2017, Owlsfoot garage, South Zeal, Kings Arms, South Zeal
22nd May 2017, Uphams Plantation car park, Woodbury Common, Diggers Rest
15th May 2017, Hatherleigh monument, The Railway, North Tawton
8th May 2017, Longridge farm, EX17 5HH, The Three Little Pigs
1st May 2017, Skeigh Woods, Belstone, The Tors, Belstone
24th April 2017, Mardon Down, Headless Cross, Red Lion, Tedburn St Mary
17th April 2017, Fernworthy Reservoir, The Globe, Chagford
10th April 2017, QE Lower School, Pasties followed by Made in Dagenham
3rd April 2017, Nymphayes Farm, Down St Mary, The London Inn, Morchard Bishop
27th March 2017, Goose’s Farm, Bridge Reeve, Chumleigh, The Waie Inn
20th March 2017, Drewsteignton, Drewsteignton Arms
13th March, Haywoods Farm, Bondleigh, North Tawton, Railway Inn
6th March, Crediton Golf Club and on-down
27 Feb, Fingle Bridge, Royal Oak, Dunsford
20 Feb 2017, Stockleigh Pomeroy Village Hall and on-down
13 Feb 2017, Chagford, The Globe, Chagford
6 Feb 2017, Kennerleigh Woods, Black Dog Inn
30 Jan 2017, Finch Foundry, Sticklepath, Taw River Inn
23 Jan 2017, Fatherford Viaduct, Okehampton, White Hart(Wetherspoons)
16 Jan 2017, Okehampton Castle Car Park, Fallin & DVK, White Hart  (Wetherspoons)
9 Jan 2017, Waie Inn Car Park, Zeal Monachorum, Mudskipper, Waie Inn
2 Jan 2017, Lloyds Bank, Crediton, Superbug, General Redvers Buller, Crediton
26 Dec 2016, Steps Bridge, Capt Haddock  live, Royal Oak, Dunsford
19 Dec 2016, Woody’s den Yeoford, Woody
12 Dec 2016, Ashclyst forest, Gymslip & OBJ, New Inn, Broadclyst

5 Dec 2016, 2Km south of Shilley pool carpark, Roxanne, Northmoor Arms, Throwleigh
28 Nov 2016, Stoke Woods, Lights Out, The Stables, Cowley
21 Nov 2016,  Coleridge church, DVK, Waie Inn, Zeal Monachoram
14 Nov 2016, Swannaton Farm, Nippy, The Three Little Pigs
7 Nov 2016, Bolts Farm,  Babelfish, The Cross Copplestone
31 Oct 2016, Sourton, Okehampton, Bogrot & Polo, Highwayman
24 Oct 2016, Langridge, Yeoford, Woody, Red Lion Shobrooke
17 Oct 2016, Fingle Bridge, Uproot, Post Inn, Whiddon Down