KH3 history

KH3 The Story

This page is intended to be some sort of record of the activities of KH3 (yes, I know, it’s hashing) from the early days when the shiggy was pristine and on-downs were legendary and we actually ran most, well some, of the hash trail, to this year when we have not been able to call On On for much of the time. The record will be incomplete and probably inaccurate, but better than nothing.
This is meant to be everybody’s record of KH3 hashing so please contribute anything you have – pictures, old trashes,  memories (preferably outrageous) etc. Checking from here…

‘Once Upon a Time’ from Capt Haddock

In days of yore there was a tradition for neighbouring hashes to support an inaugural run of a new hash. And so it was that on 14th April 1988 a large number of miscreants descended on Crediton to celebrate the commencement of Kirton Hash House Harriers. The prime movers were teenagers and the first grandmaster, Pubes, was seventeen years young. He and the Jolly Green Giant attended training weekends with the South West Junior Orienteering Squad and as running fools took part in this unknown activity during the sessions, called hashing, as light relief from compass, map and pacing, organised by Rambo. Much of the blame for the commencement must also go to Spock who, apart from teaching at QE school, trained participants for the Ten Tours. The youths were transported around the countryside by Captain Haddock and Old Man Burston to attend other hash events with Barnstaple, Ashburton and Teign Valley.

The inaugural hash was a splendid affair with a run followed by social activities at the rugby club, including a buffet with outside caterers. Unfortunately many attendees did not pay and so the hash started life with a considerable debt and, as father of the grandmaster, OMB paid the bill and then became Hash Cash. As the year progressed the youngsters drifted off to university and other activities and a fresh group joined with ‘older’ members coming back at various times. Those ‘older’ members are now @50 years young.

Of some note may be the minutes of the first general meeting held at the Red Lion, Shobrooke on 25th September 1989 after hash number 73 with 42 hashers. The meeting opened at 9.03. Pubes announced his retirement and welcomed Captain Haddock as the next Grand Master. The new GM offered the old GM a pint and the meeting closed at 9.03 and 42 seconds.

There will be short delay to history (if that’s actually possible) because the editor is currently adrift in a sea of IT issues that have him bogged down in deep IT shiggy.