Hash gossip

Nippy’s lament – don’t just park it

I DID get a ticket yesterday (Mon bank holiday following New Year’s day) – below is my spiel I’ve used to try and get off in case it might prove useful to others.
Just off to powder my wig now …

I received this Ticket for parking in a 45 minute only Mon-Sat 8am-6pm space on a Bank Holiday Monday.
I freely admit that I overstayed the time limit, and that it was a Monday, but it was a Bank Holiday, and …
1) in all the time I have lived here and parked in central Crediton (8 years) tickets have never to my knowledge been issued on a Bank Holiday (as evidenced by the fact that numerous other cars got the surprise of a ticket yesterday too). People are used to it being treated as a Sunday (free parking).
2) Even if, technically, the rules still apply on a Bank Holiday, it is pointless over-regulation.  Crediton is a country town where very few shops open on a Bank Holiday, thus obviating the need for strict enforcement of parking time limits to promote the flow of shoppers.
I look forward to your cancellation of the ticket.
I shall be taking this further with my Devon County Councillor.

Nippy still needs to know…

A non-hashing mate of mine has just picked up, and kindly given me, an old metal tankard engraved …

“Tony Claydon, Joint Master 1972-3, Episkopi Harriers”

… a search on Google maps gives Episkopi as being a Garrison on Cyprus.

Any knowledge amongst the Kirton greybeards ?

Try Nicko for an update on this – he was on Episcopi Hashs’ territory. As you can see, it was some time ago (some hashers will be able to date it from Haddock’s Hippo Hash T-shirt). At least I think it’s Haddock, could be Rasputin.


The Religious Adviser should have a word

Psalm 42
Superbug’s Version

The Hare is my shepherd; I shall not walk.
He maketh me to fall down in green pastures: he leadeth me into the fast flowing waters and the oozy mud.
He knackereth my soles: he leadeth me through the paths of shiteyness for his own sake.
Yea, though I wak  through the valley in the shadow of Haddock, I will fear no shiggy; for I am a hasher; thy shavings and thy sweeties they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in a pub in the presence of mine fellow hashers: thou anointest my head with Yellowhammer and Tribute; my pint runneth over.
Surely Scoubidou and OBJ shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell on the trail of the rhasher for ever.

On On

Heard on the hash…

OBJ, while straddling some barbed wire which had well and truly snagged his knickers, said “I feel a soft bertie coming on”.  What did he mean?

Stig: “The reason women can’t run faster is that they don’t know how to run faster.”

Stig in red dress on picnic table

Maybe they just need a reason, like meeting Stig.

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