Uproot’s Exmouth Marathon, Sun 17th Oct.

Here he is looking good on his way to a storming finish.  He raised £900 for MIND as well, with another £250 to follow possibly. It helped to pick the best summer’s day in October for the run. I joined him for the last 6 miles and we celebrated with pints of Tribute and a bowls of chips in Lympstone. Lovely.
New KH3 T-shirt.
Printed front and back and only £10 with a generous subsidy from hash cash. We need orders in really soon so we can have them printed by hash camp. Size S, M, L & XL, lady or man. T-shirt details below.
Text for front came from TYB, the crows were Capt Haddock’s idea and the hasher in the mud is an image from hash number 203. The story line reads from the back: the two crows see a hasher in the mud and they have the conversation shown on the front. Soft Bertie just happens to be hanging around.
Premium short sleeve T-shirt man or women in light grey.
85% combed cotton, 15% viscose
Neck ribbing, side seamed, shoulder to shoulder tape, double needle hems, preshrunk to minimize shrinkage.

Uproot scales Welsh peak – twice

Uproot’s recent Welsh half-marathon (Pen Y Fan Trail Challenge) involved running up a mountain twice, when he was only expecting to do it once. (He’s always been a bit suspect with navigation skills.) The pic above shows him at the peak first time. Second time pic he would rather you didn’t see.
This isn’t him, but it could be.

Hash Camp for July this year is booked! 

Hash camp is booked for 16-18 July 😁
VenueLeeford Farm, Lynton EX35 6PS
Phone01598 741231
The map above shows the postcode for the farm. The camping field is further along the river – going right as you look at the map. Zoom out and you will see a field with a tent marker in it. That may be it.
OS X (Eastings) 277857 OS Y (Northings) 148131
Nearest Post Code EX35 6BL
Lat (WGS84) N51:13:09 (51.219271169984424)
Long (WGS84) W3:45:01 (-3.7503276449791305)
Lat,Long 51.219271169984424,-3.7503276449791305 Nat Grid SS778481 / SS7785748131
what3words roofs.unions.mealtime
Here’s the latest info from Woody:
Friday. Gymslop hash…Hares are Gymslip & OBJ…. 7.15 on-off … & then back to camp for bbq & pizza .
Sat – Red Dress Run
Woody , Babel fish & Dottie On-Off time probably 2.00pm  Hopefully to include Swim 👍🏻( i say hopefully as I haven’t checked it out apart from on a map but looks possible ?) Meal at 6pm at blue bollocks 👍🏻
Hang over hash !
Sunday …… Hobbles & Zombie
I believe camping is £8 each … cash please for farmer  👍
No need to book 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏃🏻‍♂️

That man

He got the last holiday flight home, he beat lockdown and finally, finally got round his 1,000th hash. His certificate has been in print on and off since January.

The Future Revealed is back!

See the The Future Revealed page.

The Resurrection Hash on soon.

On What – Official KH3 Resurrection Hash 27th July.
On Where – there will be an email from on-sec.
On Down – Al Frescoes. Bring own food. Haddock will provide some beer @ £1 per bottle.
Hare – Very fittingly it’s the GM, Dents.
If you ordered one, your T-shirt will be available on the day. £10 please.


Drogo 10

KH3 was well represented in the down-up-down-up Drogo 10, 2019 by Woody, Roxanne, Fall-In, Gymslip, Uproot and Amaized. Fall-In won her age group – praise her and she might buy you a pint.

Put your best foot forward

Coming soon to a window sticker near you. Tell Capt Haddock you want at least 5 (all side windows plus back window).


Fantastic hash camp with fantastic weather,  except in Babelfish’s tent which had rising damp. Great red-dress run on Friday night, even got my bottom groped in the pub. Not welcome, but Broadhembury man probably not used to cross-dressers.  Maybe Woody started it when she ordered a large Italian. Aeronautical display laid on by Babelfish and Dogger at Saturday beer stop at mile 6. Perfect. Sunday and a chance to pray and posh-pee at sweetie stop before the delights of Pinchybottom (once had a pub and good choice of whetstones) before a missed backcheck shorted the trail home.

GM (soon to be ex) needs funds to replace camper van that doesn’t like to move. A man who could sort the bodywork might also replace the driver… Watch this space.


72 bottles of beer must be sold @ £1 per bottle. When it’s gone, it’s gone, so come and help make it go.

Forest Glade campsite has an indoor pool and sauna, a shop licensed to sell beer & wine and other essentials. Pre-order croissants, baguettes, pies and pasties from the bakers and take away food (open between 6pm and 7pm) with fish and chips, curries and such like.
The site adjoins 300 acres of hash-able woodland.
No camp fires allowed but we can use barbeques and fire pits provided they are raised above the ground and don’t harm the grass.
They have reserved the ‘5 acre field’ for us. Costs will be £14 per night per 2 person tent. Not sure of costs for other variations like camper vans and 3 in a tent etc. but we will find out. Payable on the weekend, so need for deposits. The field is big so we don’t need to know precise numbers attending.
Friday night – hares are Woody & Gymslip.
Saturday – some things will happen – volunteer hare(s) needed.
Sunday – hares Uproot & Amaized
That’s as far as the planning has got. Roxanne and I will visit the site sometime in August to seek out additional hash-able land, check out local pubs and make a more complete plan.



Brave Soft Bertie & his Mates go to Wales & do the Longest Zip Wire in the Northern Hemisphere .

Read the new advanced guide to SATISFACTION HASHING in Elvis’s latest trash. Like most trashes, it won’t tell you anything about the actual hash, which was up, down, up, down and short. Like all hashing, read at your own risk.

Here ’tis: Trash 1.04.19

It’s come to my attention that some hashers never look at this website. Can you let me know please if you are one of them and why?


KH3 Hasher Reaches Peak Performance

Ably assisted by Sherpa Soft Bertie and an SUV (sports utility vest) Uproot has successfully climbed Mount Toubkal! This is the tallest mountain in North Africa and the Arab World at 13,671ft high. Congratulations from all in KH3 for a great effort all in a good cause.
He returns to the only slightly smaller challenge of running KH3 trails and a possible rename: UpTop, UpThere, UpWhat, UpAlong (that’s Devon you know) Up-Up-Up and UpYours are just a few possibilities.

And from the man himself:
Thanks to the generosity/support of the hash I have now raised £6,356.61  (+gift aid) for the charity. We had two beneficiaries of the charity on the trip, whose lives it had totally transformed. It brought home to the rest of us, why we were there. Luckily the altitude sickness didn’t affect me (it did half of us). As it was Ramadan, our Berber guides didn’t eat or drink anything on the way up/down the mountain. I did!
OnOn, Uproot

KH3 30th year celebrations

Fantastic, successful weekend celebrations: great hashes, food, people, venue and weather. Many thanks to mother and all her little helpers. 
Especially good to see all those old faces; plus a few hashers we haven’t seen for a while. If you can’t find yourself in the picture, you weren’t there.


Alternative “Sheep of the Week”!! (possibly month) event. The winner will be a prize. This event is now defunct due overwhelming lack of interest and interesting sheep.

Why not have your own favourite sheep featured here? A small pint of ale for the webmaster assures your place.

This week we feature the SOB

The SOB (sad old bugger) is sometimes seen lurking alone in a corner of a field. Shunned by all, this animal has the aromatic charm of a cheap Afghan coat that’s been left out in the rain together with less sartorial elegance than even the scruffiest old bag lady.

A farmer will often try to pass on a SOB by hiding it in a flock at a farm animal auction. But, who would want to eat this this manky member of the bovid family? What shearer would touch it? Beware any buyer who has brought a young daughter with him to the auction, he will regret it. If she spots the SOB she will instantly feel sorry for it and beg dad to buy it for a pet. She will see its untamed tousled hairstyle and carefully tended grime as irresistibly cute. If you have been watching ‘Top of the Lake, China Girl’ you will understand .

Previously featured ‘sheep of the week’!
The Laid Back sheep

Ultra relaxed and always calm and confident, this breed is the epitomy of cool. Do not confuse it with the Marks & Spencer laid-back-sheep (shown left)  which, by the way, received some adverse comment from customers for being a bit ‘smutty’, whatever that is.

Some people assume this breed takes its name from the song ‘Laid Back’ performed by the American group ‘The Sheepdogs’. Don’t be so silly, this animal is the real deal. Specially bred for the gentleman farmer, a small herd of these animals will perfectly enhance even a minor ‘Capability Brown’ back garden.

As might be expected, this can be a somewhat difficult animal to keep. Just like many so-called laid-back people, these sheep have a bloody-minded streak. Making them stay out in the rain or spend weeks in muddy field will undermine their sang froid to the point where they will go on hunger strike by lying on their backs and putting their legs in the air (maybe that’s where M&S got the idea).


The uncommon Buckethead sheep.

This rare and endangered breed shares its name with the famous American guitarist Buckethead and that fine politician Lord Buckethead, who stood against Mrs May, but that’s not enough to make it a popular breed. It’s natural home is the rainy uplands of Dartmoor because of its built in protection from the debilitating “water-on-the-brain” and “leaky ear” conditions, but it’s a tricky animal for farmers to manage. Although they are easily spotted in the terrain, sheepdogs are more or less useless for herding them because the sheep run in all directions and collide with each other, banging their bucketheads together, bringing on a nasty attack of tinnitus, which can be fatal. Not a breed to be used for sheep’s-head soup, but a head is sometimes seen mounted trophy-style on a wall in establishments with a dubious sense of decor, such as the Three Little Pigs. The breed is only kept today for the EU subsidy, hence its endangered status.

This is the well known Yorkshire Black Arse sheep. Easily recognised.
This is breed is sought after for its meat, especially the chump chops which are highly flavoured.
Farmers are usually careful not to cross this breed with the Black Face breed as the sheep invariably get the wrong end away with the RAM ending up as a useless bobbitt.


Crediton Courier, the new organ of KH3

Nippy and Superbug have been corresponding via the pages of that renowned local news rag the Crediton Courier. (Well known for it’s in-depth articles on jam making, flower arranging and post-coital dysphoria).  If the writers would like to provide the webmaster with copies of their words they could be  made available here to the whole world for avid consumption (not the disease).

Here’s half of it, and I’m looking for the other half (as the Bishop said to the Actress)


Mr Kirby’s letter in the May 26th edition concerning efficient loading of open top buses has set me thinking. We could take his innovative ideas a step further by installing a trampoline as part of the proposed open-air gym near the War Memorial. Travellers waiting for a bus could thus partake of stimulating exercise, and then leap directly on to the top deck as the bus cruised past, without it even needing to stop !
Health and efficiency united in a win-win combination.
I look forward to further blue-sky thinking from the creative Mr Kirby.


Nick Peed

Hash Camp 2017

Hash Camp – 14th July 2017
Plume of Feathers
Devon PL20 6QG
Please let me know in the next couple of weeks if you will be attending or not. I need to know numbers for the Friday night on-down in order to book the correct room.
There are a few types of accommodation and must be paid for on arrival. There are shower facilities available on site.
Camping, whether it be tent or camper van, the cost is £7.50 per person per night. Alas, no camp fires permitted.
B&B, £55 per night for a single room or £90 per night for a double room. Other B&Bs are available locally.
The Old Bunking Barn (bring your own bedding) £11 per person per night.
The New Bunking Barn (bedding supplied) first night £19.50, second night £14.
Food is available in the Plume of Feathers.
Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday) you will need to book breakfast on arrival and pay £5.00 per sitting, including beverages. Pay on the day is £5.50 (not including beverages).
Friday night’s meal is at 19.00 hours (note change of time) in the Two Bridges Hotel, 1 mile walk down the road. Hash immediately after the meal – Hare, Mudskipper. End back at hash camp.
Saturday night’s food in the function room at the Plume of Feathers, time tbc.
There will be beer in bottles.
Bring your own. There will be a cooker in the hash tent.
Friday – Mudskipper (Bastille Day, therefore the fancy dress theme will be anything French)
Saturday – Dents & Superbug.
Sunday- TBC, volunteers welcome.
I have put in a request for good weather!



NickO gets his due reward for long, long service to Lasagne

We have noticed a marked reluctance to move on, and who can blame him, you can’t find Chicken Ticka Masala Lasagne just anywhere.