The Future Revealed

24 October

On-off Yeoford Langridge, EX17 5HH
On-down: The Red Lion

Hare:  Woody

31 October

On-off: car park of the Highwayman Inn at Sourton, Okehampton, EX20 4HN
On-down: Highwayman Inn

Hares: Bogrot & Polo

7 Nov

On-off: Bolts farm , coleford

On-down: ?

Hare: Babelfish

14 Nov

On-off: Swannaton , Sandford

On-down: 3 little pigs

Hares: Nippy

21 Nov 

On-Off  :  Stoke woods , top car park

On down : ?

Hares : Lights out

28 Nov ?

On-down :

On-Off :

Hares : 

5 Dec ?

On-off :

On-Down :

Hares :

12 Dec 

On-off : Ashclyst forest

On down : ?

Hares : Gymslip & OBJ

 19 Dec ?

On-Off :

On-Down :

Hares :

 26 Dec

Monday 26th December is Boxing Day. Do we want a daytime hash? Of course we do! Any ideas?

2 Jan 2017  Hash time 11am 

On-Off : Lloyds Bank, High St, Crediton 

On-Down : Wetherspoons

Hare : Superbug

Hare's On What & Why?

It will be a short(ish) hash as we’ll all be fat and knackered, and in anticipation of many hashers having family around for the festive season, we’ll go to Wetherspoons for the on-down, which means we aren’t tied to certain numbers, and people can eat if they wish, or not as the case may be.
As it’s the first hash of the year, everyone needs to wear a ‘Onesie’ for the run for the following reasons:

 1) It’s the first hash of the year
  2) Onesies are nice and warm
  3) Most of you dress badly anyway
  4) I have a onesie already
  5) So does Haddock
  6) Why not - you’re all probably going to get one for Christmas
  7) No waist band ,which is good for expanded stomach