The Future Revealed

5 Dec

On-off : The hash will start at 50.690383 N, 3.900402 W. This is on the edge of the moor and about 2km south of the place where we often park to run near Shilley Pool. 
Parking by the road (officially supposed to stay within 13.75m of the public highway). On Down is at the North Moor Arms, Wonson. All the lanes are very narrow around here so leave your Rolls Royce at home.
We will endeavour to put signs out from Whiddon Down. Suggested route is via the pub at Wonson, so at least you should find you way back to the pub.
The pub is 10 minutes drive (if not lost) from Whiddon Down. The start point is 3 minutes drive from the pub.


On-Down : Northmoor Arms, Throwleigh

Hare :Roxanne

12 Dec 

On-off : Ashclyst forest

On down : ?

Hares : Gymslip & OBJ

 19 Dec ?

On-Off : Yeoford
On-Down : Oaklands (Woody's pad) EX17 5HZ

Hares : Woody & Gymslip

 26 Dec – Boxing Day. On off @ 11.00 am

On-Off : Steps Bridge

On-Down :Royal Oak, Dunsford

Hare : Capt Haddock

2 Jan 2017  On off @ 11am 

On-Off : Lloyds Bank, High St, Crediton 

On-Down : Wetherspoons

Hare : Superbug

Hare's On What & Why?

It will be a short(ish) hash as we’ll all be fat and knackered, and in anticipation of many hashers having family around for the festive season, we’ll go to Wetherspoons for the on-down, which means we aren’t tied to certain numbers, and people can eat if they wish, or not as the case may be.
As it’s the first hash of the year, everyone needs to wear a ‘Onesie’ for the run for the following reasons:

 1) It’s the first hash of the year
  2) Onesies are nice and warm
  3) Most of you dress badly anyway
  4) I have a onesie already
  5) So does Haddock
  6) Why not - you’re all probably going to get one for Christmas
  7) No waist band ,which is good for expanded stomach