Biggles (Peter Flick) died some time in the morning of Wednesday 3rd May. He contracted a respiratory infection while in hospital.
Biggles was a big name in the hashing world and will be missed by many local  hashers.
There are hashes in heaven you know, and there are no fish hooks, and the shiggy is made from warmed chocolate. The fellow hashers are all adorable young things with a generosity of spirit unparalleled anywhere in the world. At the on-down every pie is proper, and you never have to write the trash. I’m sure Biggles will enjoy it. On On Biggles!

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Hash Camp 2017

Hash Camp – 14th July 2017
Plume of Feathers
Devon PL20 6QG

Please let me know in the next couple of weeks if you will be attending or not. I need to know numbers for the Friday night on-down in order to book the correct room.
There are a few types of accommodation and must be paid for on arrival. There are shower facilities available on site.
Camping, whether it be tent or camper van, the cost is £7.50 per person per night. Alas, no camp fires permitted.
B&B, £55 per night for a single room or £90 per night for a double room. Other B&Bs are available locally.
The Old Bunking Barn (bring your own bedding) £11 per person per night.
The New Bunking Barn (bedding supplied) first night £19.50, second night £14.
Food is available in the Plume of Feathers.
Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday) you will need to book breakfast on arrival and pay £5.00 per sitting, including beverages. Pay on the day is £5.50 (not including beverages).
Friday night’s meal is at 18.00 hours in the Two Bridges Hotel, 1 mile walk down the road. Hash immediately after the meal – Hare, Mudskipper. End back at hash camp.
Saturday night’s food in the function room at the Plume of Feathers, time tbc.
There will be beer in bottles.
Bring your own. There will be a cooker in the hash tent.
Friday – Mudskipper (Bastille Day, therefore the fancy dress theme will be anything French)
Saturday – Dents & Superbug.
Sunday- TBC, volunteers welcome.
I have put in a request for good weather!



NickO gets his due reward for long, long service to Lasagne

We have noticed a marked reluctance to move on, and who can blame him, you can’t find Chicken Ticka Masala Lasagne just anywhere.

Kirton Hash House harriers runs every Monday at 7.15 throughout the year, and we’ve been doing it since 1988.

As hashes go, we are a kind and gentle lot. We rarely do down-downs and don’t even have a post-hash circle.  We are usually much too keen to get the on-down for a pint and a meal. The worst we do to anyone is award Soft Bertie bertie bassett for some (mostly imagined) misdemeanour on the hash. If you get him, you can get your own back by awarding him to someone else the following week.

Pillock of the Year and Complete Turkey awards are reserved for special occasions.

Sometimes we go camping, if the mismanagement can get it together.

As a bunch we usually look a bit like this…

Christmas group

Occasionally it’s more like this…


But mostly we just go hashing

On the trail

and sometimes the weather and the scenery are really good…

Hash 22-8-16

See the The Future Revealed page for the whereabouts of the next  hash, and come along. You will be welcome.

For more information about hashing look at the Getting started and Laying a trail pages.